The 30 Day Writing Challenge- A Review

Follow my blog with Bloglovin So, it took more than 30 days as some days were missed, but I managed 30 days and had some lovely feedback from many of the entries. Thank you to everyone who liked, commented, or even shared any of my pieces. If you missed any, go check them all out…

DAY 30- 30 Day Writing Challenge

‘By George, I have it’ cried Henry as he took a mouthful of the strange meaty concoction that had been stewing for the last fourteen hours on Kevin’s stove.

DAY 27- 30 Day Writing Challenge

The warning bell sounds. The last day for humankind on earth is finally here. I suddenly shocked myself to life as the earth around me died.

DAY 26 – 30 Day Writing Challenge

There we were; I didn’t know what to make. I was at arm’s length and so were you. We both played a game of distance. Separated by awkwardness but united by a desire to connect but not attach.

DAY 22- 30 Day Writing Challenge

The sky was luminous as we hot-footed into the park. I held your hand carefree, unhooking the dog from his reins. He ran. Enthusiastically skipping childlike from bush to bow to bark. These moments are ours to