DAY 21 – 30 Day Writing Challenge

Today’s challenge comes from Brian Legoese – it’s another visual prompt. 

I have nine more days of challenges left to do! I’d love to do YOUR challenge next. Drop me a comment below, or Tweet me @peterwynmosey, or Facebook me @peterwynmosey or drop me an email at 

I followed you through as we took the wrong turn. With you every step of the way. Often it feels like we are going in circles. But I know if we carry on, chance has to put us right. I don’t give up hope even through the frustration. When we live in a world where satellites can find us with pinpoint accuracy; why do we feel so lost? When we live in a world where our every step can be tracked and recorded; why do I take the same long way around each time? 

It’s hard to tell how long we could have been here. Maybe we were always at this junction. It’s so easy to lose all sense of time when the rest of the world stops existing for you. We cannot reach a consensus here. We know we are lost. We have no choice but finding our way out, together. I make the worst navigator. People can map the stars, but we can’t map our souls. 

When we live in a world that spins at a thousand miles an hour, why do I feel as though we are not getting anywhere? When we live in a world where all of the knowledge in history is at our fingertips, why do I struggle to make a decision? 

There are only so many turns to be made; only so many courses we can follow. Every maze has it’s entrance and its exit. We will make a right turn. We will.


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