DAY 20 – 30 Day Writing Challenge

A few days ago I was asked by Surbhi Agarwal to write about ‘broken dreams’ , so I created this post: Broken Dreams I have been asked to write about ‘dreams that do find their way to becoming your destiny’ 

Not in sleep, but in life. In the days and hours that fill my waking imagination, a reality that has consumed and touched everything. For years I believed that dreams were just thoughts to distract ourselves from the void. There is no meaning to life, so our brains play these tricks on us. Hopes are there to act as a placebo against life’s harsh sickness. But then it happened. Then you happened. I had given up on love and was settling down to content dissatisfaction. Managing my own limited expectations. But you are like a bolt out of the blue. The sparkle on the edge of a star. Everything has meaning and everything is full. Not just half full. No short measured optimism. The glass is full. Sure, dreams have a tendency of picking you up and setting you down somewhere else, changing people’s faces, replaying half a memory and an imagined future in some kind of video remix. But this dream is not like that. There may be trepidation at times because I know that dreams can spin on the eye of a duck. But if you are with me, the world can cascade into a tornado and I won’t care.

Image by Jonny Lindner from Pixabay

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  1. Thank you 🙂 I’m glad you liked it

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  2. Very nicely portrayed….👍👍👏

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