DAY 26 – 30 Day Writing Challenge

I’m getting towards the end of my 30-day writing challenge now, and I promised my wife that I would write about the first day we met! 

I have FOUR  more days of challenges left to do! I’d love to do YOUR challenge next. Drop me a comment below, or Tweet me @peterwynmosey, or Facebook me @peterwynmosey or drop me an email at 

There we were; I didn’t know what to make. I was at arm’s length and so were you. We both played a game of distance. Separated by awkwardness but united by a desire to connect but not attach. 

But there we were; me on the back foot, always holding off on something. And you, with the rules of your life. I could have played it differently. I could have brought confidence and certainty. 

And there we were; sat together. Bookends. I wasn’t sure if there was a game. I wasn’t sure where the moves should be made. We talked. I don’t remember what about. I could have made it memorable. I could have been profound. 

And there we were; later, over the bin, we kissed. Did our hearts miss beats? Did anything flutter deep within? I could have picked my moment better. I could have added passion.

And here we are. Years have gone by. Through thick and thin. Adventures and mishaps. I often think that I could have done things differently. But I never wish I did. 

And here we are. Years have gone by. And for that first day, I would relive again without a change.


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