DAY 23 – 30 Day Writing Challenge

Today’s prompt that I am writing from is: he was crying

I have seven more days of challenges left to do! I’d love to do YOUR challenge next. Drop me a comment below, or Tweet me @peterwynmosey, or Facebook me @peterwynmosey or drop me an email at 

He was crying. Ruining the hard work of men in the forevers of history who have stood proud without shedding a tear. He was crying. But he has never even seen suffering like so many people will have lived through. He was crying. It’s probably just for selfish attention-seeking reasons. He was crying. But after a while, they just wanted to kick him- partly because it was easy, but also because the sounds he made were just annoying. He was crying. But he should not be wasting time worrying about his feelings when he has work to do. He was crying. Not actually challenging typical male behaviour with his overt sensitivity because whimpering like a dog challenges nothing. He was crying. Don’t ask him why because you won’t shut him up. He was crying. And it is really uncomfortable to see a grown man cry. He was crying.

Image by photosforyou from Pixabay

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  1. You did a great job with this prompt. I’m impressed because each of your successive posts in this thirty day challenge outshines the previous one.

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