DAY 30- 30 Day Writing Challenge

‘By George, I have it’ cried Henry as he took a mouthful of the strange meaty concoction that had been stewing for the last fourteen hours on Kevin’s stove.

DAY 29- 30 Day Writing Challenge

Beneath the waters is where I would go if I wanted to escape mankind.

DAY 22- 30 Day Writing Challenge

The sky was luminous as we hot-footed into the park. I held your hand carefree, unhooking the dog from his reins. He ran. Enthusiastically skipping childlike from bush to bow to bark. These moments are ours to

DAY 16- 30 Day Writing Challenge

Not in sleep, but in the moments and hours between; I waste valuable seconds, minutes, and months on feeling instead of doing. Imagined futures and projected fantasies that come to nothing permeate the fog of a life lived in some half-awake state.

Day 9 – 30 Day Writing Challenge

Today’s challenge comes from my wife, Chrissie, and it’s a bit different to the other prompts I’ve had…She’s asked me to write her an apology (for drunkenly keeping her awake until 6am on Sunday morning- when she needed to be up at 7:30am). If you’d like to add to my writing to-do list, I’m doing…