Writing Prompt #19

Today’s prompts are here! Use them however you please, just be sure and tag this post when you use it! He used to bet on pantomime horses I want to be better than a monkey The picture could also be used too if you like! Good luck and enjoy the writing!

Submissions- We Need You!

The Finest Example needs your help! We need POETRY We need FICTION of all lengths! We need ART And we need Non Fiction articles about anything else! If you have a piece that you’d like to submit, we’re happy to receive it. The new email address for submissions is : TFEsubmissions@hotmail.com

Submissions- Hands Up Who's In!

I am toying with an idea. It’s not the most original idea in the world, but I want to create and curate an online site. I want to fill it with great works and make sure that the original writer gets the credit for it. It’s going to be called ‘The Finest Example‘ and I’d…

Writing Prompts 2019: The Stars

I started posting writing prompts a couple of months ago after enjoying writing based on prompts given to me by others in my 30 Day Writing Challenge. I’ve always been someone that needs a slight jumping off point when it comes to starting to write, so I decided to start creating prompts that others could…

Was I There?

The age old chicken and egg. Numb. But, was I there there in 1979 Unpacked and new in 1992 On the bus at the back Was I there in 1994 The paintings scrawled songs offbeat clichés Was I there Time after time Life after life Chance after chance? Was I there. 2001. Change after change….

Automatic Writing #3

Why then six sick sink hole sized faces in the night do we the undersigned under sighs of silent night tears- tear apart this wretched soulless soul until tills ring out in triumphant terror the dawning of a dead age of aged lime- wire cauterising the silenced humanity that falls out face-first into the scorched…

Writing Prompt #15

Today’s creative writing prompts are…. 1. The dogs of war have just been fed. 2. Yellow. Or, use the picture! Link this post in anything that you write, as always I look forward to seeing your responses!

A Week Of Fridays

Cram-packed car-parked Throngs of headless chickens Stacked-up backed-up limited time one-off offer Count-down marked-down inventing new traditions Nowt-left doubt-less wading through the fight Just-right all-right This Friday’s never-ending Image by Kevin Sanderson from Pixabay

Automatic Writing #3

Hide in the bark the forgotten winder spun the free song to the tired goats on the porridge farm. Hark so low the bottom of the fish was not where or when the first of all of the cattle tried the timpani dodgems up and down the tribal stares of all the stairs we have…