DAY 30?

Well, I seem to have missed the last day of my writing challenge…I was in Vienna last week and then since coming back I seem to have completely derailed my challenge! I just need one more person to come forward and help me complete my goal, albeit a week or so late!

So come and prompt me! Give me something that I can sink my teeth into! If you have enjoyed a particular piece from the previous 29 days, ask me to write more in that style. Be as instructive or as vague as you like! Come challenge me!

While I have your attention, although I have a huge stack of emails full of collaboration challenges, I am happy to receive more – even if I end up with a years worth of posts in my inbox! I’ll be posting about two or three pieces per week from those, so if you have sent me a piece and you haven’t seen it go up yet, I won’t have forgotten you.

Image by TeroVesalainen from Pixabay

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  1. Until the cats start trying to take their food back by attacking restaurants ?


  2. ceponatia says:

    …and after inventing the mouse flavored cat food accidentally discovers the new flavor phenomenon that sweeps the globe in fine dining establishments. XD

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  3. 😀 I was down for writing about the mouse flavoured cat food idea too! Not so much the wine pairings though, I hate white wine, and I don’t eat fish :p

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  4. tnkerr says:

    I hope you know that I’m just messing with you. You seem to have a great sense of humor.


  5. tnkerr says:

    Maybe you could write about an entrepreneur who hits paydirt by inventing mouse flavoured cat food.Or maybe you could write something about wine pairings – like how white goes well with fish so white grapes should be served with sushi. Maybe something like that?

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