Christmas Writing Challenge #6

Christmas is Cancelled

After a grueling December election, the sitting government win power again. But, if spending the last few years ruining the lives of the poor wasn’t enough, in their winning speech the heartless prime minister announces that they are cancelling Christmas.

The leader of the opposition, a lovely old man with a white beard, has a plan. But can he get round the country and deliver all the Christmas presents to all the children before the evil prime minister catches him and locks him away?

*”this is not even worth one star”- The Daily Mail

*”complete tosh. The poor need to know their place and not live in these fantasies” -The Daily Telegraph

*”He probably only wants to give kids presents because he’s a terrorist”- The Sun

“Less Christmas films, more Brexit films” – The Times


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  1. There really was no upbeat ending this morning after the election. I did not expect that majority. 😦


  2. Chris Hewitt says:

    Spot on gallows humour. Brexit, it’s not just for Xmas ;-( The spirit of Xmas dies tomorrow when the little gremlins that have been locked up for the last four weeks are finally allowed back out to spread hate and division. Mogg/Scrooge – it honestly writes itself, without the upbeat ending.

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  3. A.S. says:

    Very perceptive. The reviews of the daily newspapers seem exactly the same as what they would sound like in reality.


  4. Feels like we’re watching a never ending Brexit miniseries… it’s not very entertaining though.

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  5. Jeff says:

    Oh man, I’d watch a Brexit film.


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  6. We’re all literally doomed to go to hell in a handbasket 😡😢🖤


  7. If Boris said he was going to murder us in our sleep on Friday if he won he’d still get in and everyone would say that they just be like “well, don’t really like Corbyn”. 🤣☹️🤔

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  8. Terrifyingly prophetic 😔🖤

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