Christmas Writing Challenge #7

So, I seem to have missed a few days worth of posts this week. In fact, I appear to have missed the whole week! I’ve been crazily busy with stacks-and-stacks of work and life, as well as mourning the death of political reason as the UK shot itself in the face by voting in droves for lying-self-serving bastards. The fact that they will now proceed in screwing everyone but the rich has left me feeling sad-as-hell. So, anyway just to remind you, I had said that I would create a synopsis for a Christmas film every day during advent. So, just like happens when I get an advent calendar, let’s binge and catch up!

Christmas Shopping

When 12 year old, Rosie, wanders off from her parents while Christmas shopping, she ends up getting lost in a department store at closing time. Unable to get out, she decides to bed down for the night in the toy section. But in the middle of the night, the store is broken into by three men dressed in Santa suits.

Seeing the thieves, Rosie springs to action by laying traps to scare, confuse, and break down the will of the robbers, and most importantly to stop them from finding her. Can she foil the robbers and save the day?

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  1. A.S. says:

    I would want to see that movie!


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