My Christmas Writing Challenge

Ho! Ho! Ho! It is nearly time for me to get my beard baubles out again and be all merry and festive. So my standard- issue yearlong writers scowl will be put away in the drawer until the new year, and out will come Merry Pete who will hopefully be good spirited and fun. (we can all hope!)

While my wife and I were discussing the fact that we are going to attempt to work through a 25 day Christmas movie watching challenge, we started joking about the awful plots that so many Christmas films have. If you are a Netflix viewer, you will no doubt have seen a deluge of these terrible films appearing on the lists.

So, my challenge for the next 25 days, as set by Chrissie, is to write a synopsis or blurb for some imaginary Christmas films! Expect humour, and overused tropes galore!

On a side note, I am still running my writing collaboration. I am generally posting about one a week and I have a few still waiting- and a couple of people have been in touch but are yet to get together and finalise things. If you would like it take part, get in touch!

So, tune in tomorrow where I shall begin the festivities!

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  1. We do but old school. I rent DVD as opposed to streaming, we almost never watch crap films tried that a few times on hull. I own a bunch of Xmas flicks we watch every year


  2. have you got Netflix? I watched one last night called The Knight Before Christmas- where a 13th century knight from england ends up in america just before christmas 2019 then meets and falls in love with a girl. It’s only entertaining because it’s soooo bad.


  3. ohhh you mean films like Santa Claus (Mexican), Santa Claus Conquers the Martians or really really bad romantic comedies…weirdly I can’t think of any crappy Christmas but I look forward to your fake ones.


  4. I grew up watching home alone.. it is amazing. I like love actually too..
    So excited for this new challenge of yours, eager to read 🙂


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